We know it is a baby – and we believe in the strength and dignity of women.

Testimonies of unplanned pregnancies.

Antoinette’s Story

Chelsea’s Story

Your Choice is All I Have

Human or not human


We deeply care about you and the situation you face, and we understand that you are likely in one of the most difficult situations in your life.

Some common fears you may have are:

  • Having family members lash out in anger or even reject you.
  • Having your boyfriend, lover, or even husband decide that he’s not ready for fatherhood.
  • Facing financial problems and wondering how you will be able to afford a baby.
  • That your plans for education or a career will not be fulfilled.
  • Placing a baby for adoption after going through nine months of pregnancy, not to mention the labor and delivery.

These fears are normal and we have helped many people overcome these fears and uncertainties. It’s important for you to know that you will not face accusations, lectures or simplistic advice designed for a quick decision. What you will receive from Respect life Ministry is compassionate and practical help.

Some practical items for mom and baby:

  • Bus pass for up to year
  • Cover fees for prenatal classes
  • Miscellaneous gift certificates
  • Full nursery up to $1500.00 including stroller

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